VR Print are market leaders in Lay-Flat book production… in our opinion, the most attractive form of binding available, and for sure the best user experience.

The layflat binding method is an increasingly popular choice as a style of finishing. Lay-Flat books open completely flat across the centre fold. This means that photographs in particular can be run across both halves of the spread, interrupted by only a subtle fold line down the middle. This gives some exciting design options, including landscape formats that open to display panoramas.

Lay-Flat binding is eminently suitable for corporate publications, coffee table books, art books, or cookbooks – anywhere quality images and content are bound in books.

Construction of a Lay-Flat book is simple, but comparatively time consuming compared to more conventional binding methods. It starts with single-sided printed pages that are folded in half, then one blank side is glued to the opposing blank side of the next spread in the sequence, and so on until all the spreads are attached to form a block.

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